Corona-Gruß Mai 2020 aus Boston

„The federal government has been slow. Testing has been about non-existent“ stand im Ostergruß aus Boston. Einen Monat später sind die Nachrichten nicht besser:

Hi All, so many of the chicken and meat processing plants had to close down as hundreds of employees were positive for the virus when they tested them finally. One news bulletin had said 800 employees from one company’s plants tested positive so they sent everyone home. And on it went across the country. They have been disinfecting the plants and hoping to reopen in some capacity soon.

Knew they’d put a quota on how much you could buy in one visit but hadn’t seen it till this week. First time I’d been the supermarket in 2-3 weeks. Now you can tell there’s a shortage. 1/2 of the chicken & meat product area was empty. There were signs saying no more than 2 packages of ‚fresh‘ per customer. The price per pound has gone up on everything of course.

At the end of last week the numbers out of work who had filed for unemployment benefits had exceeded 33 million. Didn’t have the news on today so don’t know where the figures stand now. .

How are things progressing there in Germany? My state has cancelled all large outdoor events for the remainder of this year. That’s ended all the ethnic festivities that occur in the warmer weather.

Expect the indoor music concert I was attending (already moved from April to August) will be cancelled and they’ll be refunding us our tickets.

Keep safe and healthy. All the best, (K.M.)