Boston im Dezember

Boston: Nach dem Schneesturm (17.12.2020)
Boston: Nach dem Schneesturm (17.12.2020)

Hi All,
A Nor’easter winter snow storm hit from the states of North & South Carolina and Virginia up the east coast. We were told to expect anywhere from 1-2 feet (0.30-0.61 metres). Hard to tell how much fell at my place as it’s been windy and the snow was blowing around. Looks like my city and the Boston area got at least 8-9 inches (0.20-0.27 m). Didn’t put on the news to get actual snowfalls. Temperature is very cold at 19 F (-6 C). There won’t be any melting today. Only people I’ve seen walking outside are those taking their dogs out.

Brunt of the storm went inland and hit the states of Pennsylvania and New York hard. Following taken from online report earlier today.
„Heavy snow continued to fall Thursday across the Northeast as the season’s first major winter storm slowly moved off the East Coast, pounding some areas with nearly 4 feet [1.22 m]of snow. ….

Interior areas of Pennsylvania and New York state took the brunt of the heavy snow – more than 40 inches [1.02 m] in many towns. The highest total recorded was 44 inches [1.12 m.] in Newark Valley, New York,…“

Here are some photos I took from my living room window around noon. Plows had been by a couple of times. The sidewalks and stairs around the complex had been shoveled. As I’m writing, the plow has come again and is moving snow and widening the roadway here in the complex.